Friday 31 August 2007

Canary Wharf Zombie Club

We've all heard of the world-famous Finsbury Square Zombie Club, but now bankers in Canary Wharf are starting up their own club. Tatum Jones explains, 'We will meet every lunchtime. We won't be a threat to the Finsbury Square lot. People working in Canary Wharf can't really spare the time to travel all the way over to Finsbury Square, so it makes sense to establish something here. It's going to be great.'

Dougie Smith, club secretary of the Finsbury Square Zombie Club, welcomes this new development in zombie affairs, 'This is absolutely brilliant news. Our club was founded in 1872 and it's a part of banking history, but there is certainly a need for a club in Canary Wharf as well. Hopefully, the two clubs will be able to work together in promoting zombie culture.'

One question: will there ever be a zombie club on Wall Street? The Americans should get their act together.