Monday, 6 August 2007

Money is fire in the head

Money is fire in the head! Financial shamans and money mystics and zombies and gods and ghosts, rejoice! The saviour is here! I shall cleanse you. I shall lead you out of slavery to the fields of glory where gold coins float in the crimson sky. Come to me, my people. Let me wash away your sins. The joy of money will live in the hearts of those who cross to the other side with spiritual fortunes grown in their flesh! The joy of money is a burning. O Jesus, where are you now? O Buddha, where are you now? Who can you save, with your poverty?

Behold the new prophet who appears before you with a fistful of dollars! I am here to lift you up. I want to wipe away your tears. Money is fire in the head! Don't you know that's the truth? Has there ever been a greater truth? And I revealed it! I lived in a cave for many years, I gazed at the stars, I chanted beneath the moon, I looked inside myself. What did I see? I saw a river of money flowing from the mountain of cash, I saw shamans dancing, I saw bankers tearing off their clothes and running through the City of London - their souls were on fire! Their minds were burning! Like me, they had the vision. They had the power. They saw sunshine crystal diamond riches hovering in the breeze.

I returned to the City with a new resolve. This would be a revolution! I would change everything! I would breathe the new vision and share it with everyone. I preached, I sang, I danced, I chanted. Money is fire in the head! When will you learn? When will you live it every second you're alive?