Monday 27 August 2007

Edward Cahill goes missing

It has been reported that City trader Edward Cahill has quit his job at Barclays Capital and gone missing. Hopefully, he's okay, but it just shows what pressure City workers are under these days.

I recently wrote about crystal mind blasting - the latest City craze that stressed-out workers are indulging in. Well, some people are taking it even further. A close friend of mine who works at Deutsche Bank told me, 'Some of my colleagues are now pushing these crystals up their noses. It's very dangerous. I know someone who suffered brain damage after a crystal went up too far. But some people are desperate. It's the long hours we work.'

The problem is, most City workers just aren't spiritual enough. They need to find a balance in their lives, and they definitely need to read my blog on a regular basis. I'm trying to help people here.