Monday, 20 August 2007

Jack Pickles: master of money

I recently wrote about those sinister nutjobs the Lords of Fenchurch Street. Well, I've been doing a bit of investigating and I have discovered that Jack Pickles is their master of money - meaning he controls their finances and even bankrolls some of their activities.

I spoke to Nicky Pickles on Saturday - Jack's younger brother - and he said, 'I'm disgusted with Jack, and I'm going to break off all relations with him now. Yes, I'm disowning my brother. He has always flirted with the dark side, but this is too much. I'm shocked.'

I have tried to get a statement from Jack Pickles, but he won't speak to me. The Lords of Fenchurch Street will not be at all happy that his cover is blown. No one knows who the other lords are, but I'm determined to find out. I will expose all of them here in this blog. Watch this space.