Friday, 12 October 2007

Felix Dennis

My mystical powers are increasing by the day. Where will it all end? I'm going to be like Richard Burton in The Medusa Touch at this rate.

Do you know of Felix Dennis the publishing tycoon? He used to be a hippie living in a bedsit. Now he's worth hundreds of millions of pounds. Well, I was walking down Regent Street around midday yesterday when a man passed me who looked a bit like Mr Dennis, but without the beard. I then started to think about Felix Dennis and his brilliant book How To Get Rich, and I wondered what I would say to him if I did actually bump into him in the street. ONE MINUTE LATER. Only one minute later, who walks right past me? Mr Felix Dennis himself! Large as life. And the funny thing is I didn't even say anything to him. I was too shocked. Yes, sometimes I even shock myself with my amazing powers.

What are the odds of something like that happening? Tell me, what are the odds? Incredible.