Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Hugh Osmond says Standard Life is ugly

Hugh Osmond, the boss of Pearl, has accused Standard Life of being an ugly version of Friends Provident. Sandy Crombie, the boss of Standard Life, is refusing to retaliate. Both companies are going after the Resolution zombies.

Well, there is nothing more ugly than a zombie. Mr Osmond and Mr Crombie should form an alliance and fight the zombies together. That's my advice. But I have upset Dougie Smith now. He says, 'Zombies are beautiful. I won't have anyone saying a bad word about them. And I'm surprised at you, Michael. I thought you were in favour of zombies working in banking and finance. I'm shocked.'

Some people can't take a joke. Of course I don't really want Pearl and Standard Life attacking zombies. Zombies are ugly though. Sorry.