Monday, 5 January 2009

TRIUM Global Executive MBA: this is not an orange

Yes it is. It is a friggin' orange. Are you guys nuts? Have you lost all contact with reality? It is an orange. I don't see global socio-political and economic issues that profoundly affect the world. I see a friggin' orange! Enough already!

I am a master of reality. I know when an orange is an orange. Could I be wrong? No. An orange is an orange is an orange is an orange. This I know. This is not a philosophical problem for me. An orange is an orange. Or else where would we be? Where would we be in a world where an orange was not an orange? That way madness lies. Yes.

I am a man. My mind is a desert. My desert mind burns, with money, and I am happy. I know this. But what if I did not know this? What if I thought I was an orange? How sick would I have to be? Very sick. I am not an orange. I am a man. And not a normal man either. The world's foremost financial shaman. Yes. I have no need of your oranges, you fools! And I most certainly do not need one of your sophisticated degrees. Do you know why? Because I am as sophisticated as it gets! Human rights, environmental risk, marketing, price volatility … I could go on, but I won't. I don't need any of that. Especially not the environmental risk. I will not be preached to. I will not be brainwashed. I am a free man. A shaman. In the desert. I am not an orange. This blog is not an orange. This is not an orange. But that is an orange. That thing in your advertisement is an orange. Wise up.