Thursday, 19 September 2013

Bedroom tax disaster!

Just been flicking through my favourite newspaper, The Sun. I couldn't find any mention of the bedroom tax disaster anywhere. Never mind. The journalists have probably been working on other important stories. I'm not going to judge them. / But the bedroom tax? Well, what can I say? It has turned out to be an utter joke, and a disgrace - as I knew it would. Actually, as anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together knew it would. / Tens of thousands of families are facing eviction because they can't find smaller properties and they can't cope with the cut to their housing benefit. Brilliant! / How much will it cost the taxpayer now to put them up in emergency bed and breakfast accommodation?

It's the Conservatives, you see. They have two serious problems which make them unsuitable for modern life in Great Britain.

One. / They are so privileged, so pampered, so disconnected from everyday life that they have absolutely no idea how "normal" people live.

Of course, you could argue the same about finance types - but at least they have intelligence and abilities, which leads to ...

Two. / The Tories are as thick as shit. / Dear reader, if you're looking for a new person to come and work in your hedge fund or bank, what do you do? I presume you try to find the most intelligent, experienced, and capable person for the money you're offering, the person who is most suited to the job. What you don't do is walk out into the street and grab any old passing dickhead and say: "Do you want a job in finance?" / That's basically what we do with our politicians. We (not me, mate) vote for anyone who is wearing the right colour rosette. / I knew this bedroom tax would be a mess. And I only have one brain. The Tories have loads of brains, all put together, and they're still not as intelligent as I am. How is this possible?

And Labour are no better. What hope is there?