Monday, 13 January 2014

Where did Apollo Global Management find $17.5 billion?!

Yeah, I think it's for the Apollo Investment Fund VIII that I was talking about back in November last year. Do you remember? Come on, man. Apollo was looking for $12 billion, and I said: Why not go for $20 billion, or even more than that? / Well, they must have been listening because they've managed to get it up to $17.5 billion. Not bad, eh? Of course, they didn't have the balls to go for $25 billion or $30 billion but $17.5 billion is still a lot of money. I'm just wondering where they found it all. 'Investors.' Yeah, obviously, but some people have more money than nonsense, don't they?


That's enough finance for a Monday. Life's too short.

I might go to Eastbourne soon, for a day. I've never been there before, but I wouldn't mind looking around. It's only an hour and a half on the train. / I went to Poole last month. That was a two-hour journey. But Eastbourne seems nicer. It's got a proper beach, and a pier. / I mean, I prefer Cornwall. It's a long way away 'away' eh, though. (Shut up, Voice.) It's not really suitable for a day-and-one-night trip.

I just like the sea, man, you know?

Arthur Rimbaud wrote The Drunken Boat without having seen the sea. It's no big deal. That's the visionary imagination for you.

I've been listening to Nirvana this morning. I can imagine Rimbaud being like Cobain, in the modern age.

I'm waiting for winter to end. I want to get into spring.

Yeah, music, man. / Er ... Kurt Cobain is proof that you can have a big impact with just a few songs. You don't need to write hundreds like Dylan. / I read recently that Cole Porter wrote over a thousand. But they must have been mostly shit(e) because he's only known for about a dozen classics. Why waste your time? Life's too short.

Gilly, Gilly will be coming along soon. I can feel it. Then I'll have four great songs that could either be the core of a great album for me or just four hits for other people. I don't know what I want to do yet. I'm gonna play it by ear. 'Oh, that's good.' Yeah ...

Cheese sandwich.