Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Will Labour's 50p tax plan kill jobs?

I hardly got any sleep last night. I stayed up late (or early) making more changes to Gilly, Gilly. I haven't played it yet. Christ knows what it sounds like now. I'm not sure I want to know. Maybe I should go back to My Heart. / But let's focus on Labour's plan to raise the top rate of income tax. Will it destroy jobs? No, is the short answer. WE (or I, not you - ?) WILL NOT GIVE IN TO THE THREATS OF THE RICH!!! What's the tax rate in Somalia? They can go and live there if they don't like it Great Britain.

Half a million people in this country need food banks just to survive, man. Should they be taxed more to pay for the financial crisis they didn't fucking create? Wake up! - if you're asleep. (I'm awake!) You can sell one of your Ferraris if things get tough. / Oh, by the way, there's more to life than jobs. There's family, friends, and eating ice creams in the park on a sunny day, you dig? What's more, we're all gonna die, son. The world will roll over us. The world won't even exist one day. So, fuck jobs! And fuck the economy! Think of God, eternal, and universal. Think of the universe, yeah? Even the universe will go. But God will live on. Our immortal spirits will live on.

End of sermon. / No, there's more! I tell you what will kill jobs and kill capitalism: the rich will. Capitalism ain't looking too respectable these days, is it? Think about it, man. The rich are bringing capitalism into disrepute and playing into the hands of socialists. / Of course, a lot of people would argue it was never respectable ... but things have certainly taken a turn for the worse these last six or seven years.

That's the end of the sermon. / I'm worn out, dear reader(s). I mean, I only got about two hours' sleep.

The good thing is, none of this will affect me in Malibu. What's the tax rate in Malibu?