Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Anne Richards is the new chief executive of M&G Investments!

Oh, that's all right. That's a pretty good job, that is, a big one. I'm sure our Anne will be able to handle it. She was the chief investment officer at Aberdeen Asset Management, you know. The global chief, I think. 'The cosmic chief, boss?' No, the global chief. 'Oh, that's a shame. Never mind.' It's still good, Voice. Not everyone gets to be a global chief, man. 'But you're the cosmic chief, Mikey, of all the financial shamans.' Ha! Well, I'm special, ain't I?

Now, I know what you're thinking, dear reader(s). You're thinking: Hang on a minute! Our Mikey is the world's foremost financial shaman. That's global. Yes, yes, but ... I have a lot of responsibilities on the astral plane, which is basically cosmic. 'You've stopped everyone from going on the astral plane.' Only for business, Voice. Deals and that. You can still go for spiritual development.

And there's more than finance to consider ... / I've been spending a lot of time lately with Jim Morrison of The Doors. 'Why, boss?' You know why, man. I'm getting my music together now. Jimmy is the top rock and roll shaman. I need his help and advice. 'What does he say?' Eh? Well ... he reckons I've got to break on through. 'Ha! You do that all the time!' Yeah, in finance. Not with music. I played my new song for him last night. He liked it. 'Good!' Yeah. / Yes, I've finished my song, reader(s). I've got to rehearse it and record it now. Hopefully, it'll be on my (other) blog within a week, probably in first position. 'Is it your best song, boss?' Maybe, Voice. / Gilly, Gilly is my weakest song. Removing that one and putting the new song on the demo will improve my chances a lot. It's still early days. Watch this space ... or, er, that space, over there.

Well, well ... / Oh, for those of you who don't know, Christ! ... M&G Investments is Prudential's investment arm. 'Of course.' But you really should know that, really, yeah? I have to say I'm a bit shocked. How long have you worked in finance? 'Go easy, boss! They could be mystic kooks or ... maybe financiers from a foreign land.' Ha! Financiers from a foreign land?! You make it sound so glamorous, so mysterious. They're just money people, son.