Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Unigestion has bought Nicholas Linnane, Chrysis Aristidou, and Faten Benali from Cube Capital

Just like that! Unigestion buys three people. And that's it! They think they can get away with it - in the year 2016!

Poor Nicholas, Chrysis, and Faten! I hope they're going to be all right. 'With their new owners, like?' Yes, Voice. I suppose they've already been put to work on the global long/short equity and credit fund. 'What fund?' That's the fund they had at Cube Capital. Unigestion has bought the fucking fund as well! Oh, they don't mess around, this lot.

Maybe the guys will escape. One day someone will leave a door or window open. People get careless, you know? Nicholas, Chrysis, and Faten will have to lull Unigestion into a false sense of security ... Yes, we love it here. Unigestion is a great firm. We want to stay forever. There is absolutely no need to chain us to the radiator. Do you want a sandwich from the shop? Or sandwiches for everyone? The other guys will have to help me carry them back. / 'Ha!' That's how it will go, man. Good luck to them!


Anything else? No. Well ... there's my lunch. Uh, cheese and pickle sandwich, which, er ... I can confirm I will be making myself. I'm not totally useless in the kitchen. / After lunch, I'll probably take the guys for a spin, No. 391. A taste of my freedom, as it were, or as it will be. But not beyond the THREE. Not today. 'Not any day.' Shut up!

Music? I'm listening to The Jesus and Mary Chain, Automatic. My head is in chaos this morning, for various reasons - and I want music that will make the chaos worse. 'Ha!' Let's dive in! There is no need to be afraid.

My music? I was going to try writing a new song today, but I'm going to blog instead - three posts! There must be something wrong with me. Never mind, eh?