Thursday, 18 February 2016

Gervais Williams has raised £28 million for his Miton UK MicroCap Trust

Well done, son! / That's extra money, I think. This Miton UK MicroCap Trust thing already has a bit of money in it. I think. I don't know. It's not my area. What do I know? I'm on the mystical side of things. And so is Gervais, a bit.

Do you remember this, dear reader(s), concerning the astral desert? -

Wow! Amazing! I've dreamt of it a few times. I even saw that nutty elephant. (Ganesh?) Well, who else? (Yeah, he's a character all right. Once you get to know him though, you see he has a serious side as well.)

You don't remember? Never mind. That was me talking to Gervais Williams almost six years ago. (Six years! Christ! Where does the time go?) He was leaving Gartmore. He didn't want to sleep in those horrible bunk beds. 'Understandable, boss.' Yes, Voice.

Anyway, he's a managing director at Miton Group now, so all's well that ends well, eh? / Oh, this is something, er, interesting from his LinkedIn profile -

The future is small. In a financial world dominated by gigantism, the beauty of smallness hasn't had much of a look in. Yet beyond the credit boom, globalisation has been found wanting, with growth hard to find. Could it be that small mystical creatures are set to be the masters of the financial future? The masters of reality?

Well, okay. Something to do with fairies. 'Christ, boss! Our Gervais sounds like the man who dreamed of Faeryland.' No, Voice, that was W. B. Yeats.


Anything else? It's the end of another working week, I can tell you that. The weekend starts NOW!!!