Thursday, 9 February 2017

Goldman Sachs Investment Partners is leaving London

Well, well ... / Yeah, the Goldman hedge fund. Off to America. 'Back home, boss!' Yes, Voice. They say it's got nothing to do with Brexit though. 'Ha!' Do we believe them? 'Do we fuck!' It's just eight guys, I think, creeping out of the country. 'Maybe they thought no one would notice.' Oh, I noticed. 'Have you spoken to Lloyd about it?' Dear reader(s), here's a bit on the fund, from their website -

Goldman Sachs Investment Partners is a multidisciplinary investment fund with offices in the United States, London [no, no, no, don't make us laugh], Mumbai, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. The fund is managed by seasoned portfolio managers, who are assisted by over forty highly trained professionals. The team has strong relationships with industry leaders across the globe and has produced several notable hedge fund managers over the past three decades. Our portfolio strategy is rooted in a fundamental bottom-up and opportunistic investment approach. We mainly invest in the equity markets - both public and private opportunities, but will opportunistically assess special situations or other pieces of the capital structure. 

Well, so ... 'Have you spoken to Lloyd Blankfein about it, boss?' No, I haven't. 'Why not?' I haven't spoken to Lloyd for ages. I've lost contact with him. 'Oh.' It's just one of those things.

Uh, Brexit. Jeremy Corbyn says ... the fight starts now. FFS! 'Ha!' Do you know what I mean?

This fucking world. I only care about music.


Anything else? 'Music?' MUSIC - !!! I was listening to The Doors, L.A. Woman, but ... I'm sitting here in silence at the moment. Sometimes silence is nice, you dig?

My music? I've got to make a decision about recording my last two songs for the new demo. I mean, when to do it - ? 'Are you asking me, boss?' Not really, Voice. / It's difficult, man. Which moment in time ... will be the right time?

[By the way, I'm only using Elixir strings from now on. I've had my present set on for roughly a hundred hours and they still sound beautiful.]

Oh, I've got an idea for a conceptual post now! No. 487. / Laters, obviously. [Just one more post today.]

Have a nice weekend, reader(s)!