Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Pamplona Capital Management and Ascent Venture Partners announce $100 million equity investment in Nova Sciences ...

... uh, to pursue acquisitions in the industrial instrumentation market.

All right. I suppose I'm interested, for now. [PR email, reader(s).] 'Ha!' Be quiet, Voice.

Pamplona Capital Management (Pamplona) today[13th, actually] announces that it, along with Ascent Venture Partners (Ascent), has committed $100 million to Nova Sciences Holdings LLC (Nova), a new platform entity formed to pursue acquisitions of metering, monitoring, measurement and control instrumentation businesses in a broad (Broad) spectrum (Spectrum) of industrial sectors.

Okay. Nova?

Nova is led by highly experienced CEO Jim Barbookles and a senior management team that has worked together for fourteen years, during which time they have successfully executed several prior sector consolidations in the industrial instrumentation industry.

'Jim Barbookles?! Wasn't there a song about him, boss?' No. You're thinking of Mr Bojangles. 'Oh, of course. Silly me!' Grow up, Voice!

Jim Barbookles will be Chairman of the Nova board, which will also include Pamplona Partner Justin Perreault and Ascent General Partner Walter Dick.

And what does Mr Barbookles say about all this? 'Oh, I knew a man Barbookles and -' Shut up! Please! [Sorry, Jim, if you're reading. I can't get the staff.]

Jim Barbookles, CEO of Nova, said: "Over the last fourteen years, the Nova team has acquired over 25 companies and has developed a proven track record of acquiring, operating, and strengthening industrial technology brands. The Nova team is looking forward to combining its operational and technical experience with Pamplona and Ascent's financial resources and expertise to acquire and grow strong brands in the industrial technology market."

Fair enough. Right, Justin now. 'Hang on, boss! There's more.' Where? 'Here -'

Mr Barbookles continued: "I dance now at every chance at honky-tonks for drinks and tips. But most of the time I spend behind these county bars, 'cause I drinks a bit."

Okay, Voice, you're sacked. 'No!' I'm serious. 'Oh, come on!' Clear out your desk and go. 'I ain't got a desk.' Just sod off back to the astral plane. 'Christ!' Go on!

FFS! / Right. What does Mr Perreault say?

Justin Perreault, Partner at Pamplona, commented: "Pamplona is excited to partner with an outstanding management team with an extensive and successful history of acquiring and operating businesses in the industrial technology sector. As part of Pamplona's broad interest in industrial technology, we believe we have identified a unique opportunity to back the Nova team in its latest sector consolidation effort. We look forward to assisting Jim and his team in sourcing, evaluating, and funding potential investment opportunities."

Fine. And Walter?

Walter Dick, General Partner at Ascent, said: "Having backed the Nova team in its prior platforms, Ascent is looking forward to participating as an active partner to the Nova team. Through both acquisitions and organic growth, we believe the Nova team has an opportunity to build a global industrial technology business."

Okay. That's enough.


Anything else? No, there's nothing else. Not today. Tomorrow there will be two or three more posts, but today? NOTHING!


He's gone.

He'll be back.]

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