Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Michael Sawh has got a job at Parmenion!

Yeah, as a senior investment manager, believe it or not. (Well done, Mickey, son!) 'And Timothy Willis, boss.' What? Oh yeah. Timothy Willis, too. He's also got a job as an investment manager. (Nice one, Timmy!) Parmenion? Have we heard of them before, Voice? 'I don't think so, boss.' Well, let's shine a light on them, then.

Launched in 2007, Parmenion is one of the fastest growing platform providers in the UK. The value of investments under our management now exceeds £2.5bn. More than 1000 Adviser firms have selected us as their partner to deliver their chosen investment proposition to over 30,000 clients. In 2015, Parmenion was recognized as one of the top 50 hottest financial technology companies in Europe. Parmenion is part of Aberdeen Asset Management, one of the top European investment businesses and a global asset manager operating in over 20 countries around the world. Our goal is to make investment simple and accessible to all.

Okay. Don't sound too bad, do they? 'They sound all right, boss.' Of course they do!


Anything else? 'Is that it?!' I'm not in the mood. 'You weren't in the mood yesterday either.' How do you know? You were on the astral plane, man. 'Yeah. But I kept an eye on you.' Ha! Well, thanks. But I don't actually need that, Voice. I can cope without you. 'Are there any PR emails?' No. There aren't. I think everyone's on holiday or something. Maybe NO ONE is in the mood for finance. 'Maybe you've discouraged them.' Well, that would be a result. I mean, there are better things that people can be doing with their lives.

Music? You know, there's a picture/gif thing of Bryan Ferry with a kestrel. 'Proper bo, I tell thee!' Yeah, he looks like Craig David. It's really strange. From the Avalon period. I suppose he had his reasons. 'It was his image.' Whatever.

Oh, come back tomorrow, reader(s). Maybe there'll be some exciting news. I don't know. Not much seems to be happening. 'Make your own news!' Yeah, I might have to.