Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Who is Jean Raby?

I'm glad you asked me that. He's the new chief executive of Natixis Global Asset Management. That's who he is. So ... 'Er, Jean, boss?' I think he's French or something. 'Oh, okay.' At least, I hope he's French, you know? 'Yeah.' He used to be a big noise at Goldman Sachs. According to my records, he was once at the mercy of Jack Pickles. 'Oh dear.' But that's an old story. There's nothing to worry about now. / Uh, maybe Bloomberg can tell us a bit more about the guy ...

This person is connected to 27 board members in 3 different organizations across 6 different industries.

Or maybe not. 'Christ! Why do you bother with these arseholes, boss?' It's habit, I suppose, Voice. I think they've done a better job this time though. Normally, we just get -

This person is connected to 0 board members in 0 different organizations across 0 different industries.

'Ha!' / Anyway ... I don't know if there's much more to say about our Jean. 'He's a finance guy.' Yeah. 'And you've written about thousands of them.' Yeah. For my sins. 'Come on, Mikey! There must be something different about him!' Ha! Like what? 'I don't know. Invent something!' Well, I could go on and on about Jack Pickles, and thought-forms, and dark, demonic nights, but ... 'Yes!' I'm not in the mood. Not now. Not these days. 'You used to love it, man. Think of the old desert days, the blood and fire.' Yeah. 'Jesus H. - ! I reckon you've made a mistake with all this conceptual stuff you're doing. It's not as passionate as the old shamanism.' Shut up! What do you know? Conceptualism is definitely the right thing for me, Voice. For everyone. I watched a brilliant Joan Bakewell interview with Marcel Duchamp on YouTube the other week. It confirmed everything. 'Oh. Okay. Whatever.' Now, let's change the subject.


Anything else, dear reader(s)? Well, I changed my Elixir strings last night. I love the sound of fresh guitar strings in the morning. 'They smell of victory, boss.' They don't smell, idiot!

Oh, the best guitar pick for an acoustic? It's got to be the Dunlop 0.46. But they don't last long. 'All you need now, Mikey, is a Martin D-28.' Yeah, when I've got a spare £2,300 lying around.

Music? What am I listening to? Nothing at the moment. The sound of silence. 'Simon and Garfunkel?!' No. The sound of silence. 'What about that motorbike nut outside?' Yeah, he's still there.

Well, well ... / I might go out today. Or I might stay in.