Thursday, 8 November 2018

Ask and you shall receive

I'm going to fully embrace rock and roll shamanism. It's the only way to work, for guys like me.

Listen! I was thinking about my three best songs a while ago, wondering if I would be able to get a fourth song as good, let alone twenty-five of them. With real intensity I was practically begging the cosmos for a fourth. A couple of days later the chords for Malibu came to me. I put those chords on the Straight Line and eleven days later I had my fourth world-beater, as I like to call them. Well, now I'm thinking that I should delay finishing my fifteenth song - because what I have of it is pretty ordinary, truth be told - and try to get a fifth great song before Christmas. You see, kook(s), the more I ... dream!!! ... about recording a debut album, the more it's absolutely necessary to me that that that ... how many thats?! ... that that album should be the greatest album ever, the Citizen Kane of albums, you dig? One more big song would do it.

Okay, okay. I was watching a TV programme about Nikola Tesla last night. Apparently, he was in touch with aliens and they gave him a lot of his best ideas. Obviously, I'm not saying I'm in touch with aliens. That would be ridiculous. I'm in touch with spiritual forces. / Here's an example: one of my tunes was given to me by a fucking choir singing at the top of their voices in a dream. At first, they were singing quite softly, but I wouldn't wake up. So they increased the volume until they were practically screaming at me. I then woke up and sang the tune into my Zoom Handy recorder thing. It is now a part of my Lucky You song. (The verse(s), actually. I wrote the chorus tune myself.)

So, do you see what I'm getting at, dear reader(s)? This is rock and roll shamanism. Ask and you shall receive. Yeah, yeah, I didn't ask for that particular dream tune, man. However, it was a nice present. 'Very nice, Mikey!' It was also a turning point. I mean, it felt like a musical monolith, with me being the musical ape, you dig? [Maybe it was aliens.] Since then I've really upped my game.

By the way, here's the incantation I've adapted from Tony Robbins -

I now command my subconscious mind to direct me today to work hard on music of genius; and to give me the strength, the emotion, the imagination, the creative power, whatever it takes, to change my life - NOW!!!

And it works, baby(s). Believe me.

Well, okay. Have a nice weekend, pop and rock fan(s)! 'Bye!' Yeah, laters!