Monday 12 November 2018

Batteries and that

Electricity, dear reader(s)! You know the score.

Yeah, it's a PR email. No surprises. I ain't got no enthusiasm to go searching for news, man. I'm not as young as I used to be. 'None of us are, boss.' How old are you, Voice? 'Ha! Millions of years old, man.' Ha! Me too! That's why I'm so wise. But I don't know what happened to you. 'What do you mean?' Well, you're an idiot. 'Thanks.' Don't get upset, son. I'm only having a laugh with you. 'Okay.' Right -

BAAR, Switzerland - (09 November 2018) - Blackstone Resources AG ("Blackstone") has frequently disclosed to the SIX Swiss Exchange that the President and CEO Ulrich Ernst has purchased 53,624 shares at an average price of CHF 7.52 in Blackstone Resources since July 2018. Mr Ernst is a significant shareholder in the company.

Okay. Mr Ernst has bought shares in his own firm. Just like Elon Musk with Tesla. He's always buying shares, our Elon. / Uh, no endorsements, obviously, dear reader(s). I mean, I don't actually know anything about investing because - 'Tell them, boss!' Christ! Give me chance! Yeah, I'm on the mystical side of things. A shaman, you dig? And you should know that by now, unless you're a new reader.

Anyway ... / Okay. How does our Ulrich explain himself?

"I strongly believe in the mission we have here at Blackstone Resources. That's why I continue to invest my own savings as I believe the share price is undervalued. I am convinced one day all cars will run on electricity and renewable energy will become sustainable. To turn this vision into reality, battery metals are needed in vast quantities along with better battery technology. This is where Blackstone Resources invests. This is why I choose to invest".

Fair enough. The future is electric. Maybe. If we have a future, that is. Look at the world, my friend(s)! California has fire trouble at the moment. And that's supposed to be my future home! I hope they get it under control.


Uh, uh ... / Anything else? Music? My music? I've got to cut out the music updates, kook(s). This is a finance blog. 'Yeah, right.' I'm serious. 'Yeah, right.' Shut up! / Okay. You know I'm addicted to self-help? Well, I can say that the Robbins incantation I put in the last post works better than ***EVERYTHING*** else I have tried. I've actually had the incantation for some time, but it's only in the last week that I've been using it in a hardcore way, like those Krishna guys. 'They don't use it, boss.' Christ! I mean the way they chant Hare Krishna all day long. 'Oh.' Yeah. And it works! My rehearsing is better, and I haven't had ***ANY*** negative thoughts in the last week - which is a miracle for me. So, I'll be ready to record soon. 'Yippee!' And I'm confident my new demo will be ten times better than the 2016 one - in writing and performance!