Thursday, 1 November 2018

Swen's third infrastructure fund raises 455 million euros!

Yippee! Nice one! 'Uh. Who's this ... "Swen" character, boss?' Ha! Ha, ha, ha! 'What?!' Well, the title is a bit misleading, Voice. It's actually a firm, SWEN Capital Partners. 'Oh, okay.' Yeah. Big time. And it's just raised a lot of cash -

SWEN Capital Partners, a first-tier private equity firm, announces that it has closed fundraising for its third infrastructure fund, SWEN Infra Multi-Select 3. It raised 455 million euros from well-regarded European investors, including pension funds, mutual and other insurance companies, banks and private clients.

Well, well. / Okay, okay. I'm glad these European investors are, uh ... well-regarded, because, I mean, you know - 'It's all the scumbag investors that I can't stand, boss.' Well, yes, obviously. Everyone hates those guys.

Yes, dear reader(s), it's a PR email, again, for my sins. 'Ha!' And no endorsements. You know the score.

This success demonstrates investors' confidence in SWEN Capital Partners' investment strategy, which features a solid track-record in infrastructure going back almost 10 years. Its strategy has been successful in its two previous funds, with investments via funds (primary and secondary deals) and directly in infrastructure assets. This third fund will be invested mainly in Europe in transport, energy, communication and social infrastructure, hence, a diversified portfolio generating steady returns at an optimized level of risk. SWEN Infra Multi-Select 3 has already made its first investments and is expected to make its first distribution by year end.

Okay, okay. Er ... 'Are we going to hear from Jerome, boss?' Yes. Yes, we are. 'Oh, great! Are you going to interview him?' No. No. Nothing like that. 'Oh. That's disappointing. Why not?' Life is too short, Voice. 'Christ!' I'll just quote this -

"This successful fundraising by SWEN Infra Multi-Select 3 reinforces the conviction that we have held for more than 7 years - that the integration of responsible investment practices creates financial and extra-financial value. This is a conviction that we share with an increasing number of investors", said Jerome Delmas, CEO and co-founder of SWEN Capital Partners.

Yes. Well-regarded investors, too!


Anything else, dear reader(s)? It's the end of the week, I can tell you that.

Not much else, actually.

I might go to the pub tomorrow lunchtime, down by the river - if I haven't got a headache. I've had one for the last twenty-four hours, man. / Never mind, eh?

Music? I'm sitting on a cushion now, to improve my guitar playing, like. All to do with height, feet positions, etc. So it seems that Dante was wrong -

"Now is the time for you to rouse yourself,"
The Master said, "For sitting on a cushion
Is not the way to fame, nor staying in bed.

And without fame, a man must spend his life
Only to leave such traces upon earth
As smoke leaves in the air, or foam in water."

Ha! 'Ha! How stupid does Dante feel now, Mikey?!' Who knows, Voice? He's dead. 'Yeah, right. I'll have a word with him on the astral plane, at the weekend.' All right, man.

Okay, blog fan(s), laters!