Wednesday, 20 February 2019

GlobalData says it's in heaven when you smile ... ?

No, not really. This is what it says -

Chinese companies outpace western counterparts in VC funding in 2018, says GlobalData.

Yeah, PR email.

Chinese companies have outpaced their western counterparts by value in the top five VC funded companies in the global payments space during 2018, according to GlobalData, a leading and data analytics company.

Okay, okay. Okay? This is the first and last financial post of the week. I'll be writing about random night stuff later on ... tonight. / Uh, there's no Voice. I'm not in the mood for him/it.

Of the top five, two companies represented China with a combined value of $14.73bn, followed by two American firms with a combined value of $0.6bn and one UK-based company with $0.25bn.

Fair enough.

Ant Financial, the parent company of Alipay (largest mobile payments network in China), has attracted the highest VC funding among all companies in the payments space during the period. Interestingly, the $14bn raised by the company in 2018 remains the single largest fundraising ever by a private company.

Oh, I think this firm was founded by Adam Ant. Or maybe not. I mean, I could be wrong, dear reader(s). It would make sense though. Ant Music. Ant Financial. Take the brand into different spaces, the way firms do nowadays.

In anticipation of its initial public offering (IPO) and future growth prospects, Ant Financial became an attractive bet for domestic as well as international investors. Moreover, Ant Financial is making inroads into international markets by investing or acquiring stakes in foreign firms.

Yes, yes. Fair enough.

Bitmain is the other Chinese company to make it to the ...

No, no, no. NO - !!! I don't write about cryptocurrencies no more. Not even Mikeycoin.



Right. That's your finance. Politics now, I suppose. Eight Labour MPs and three Conservative MPs have left their dying parties to form the Independent Group, or whatever it's called. They could be worth watching. I wasn't thinking of ever voting again, but if they have decent policies and are firmly against Brexit ... who knows?! I might be tempted.

Music? My music? I'll probably be writing about music later tonight, but ... I've been depressed this week about not recording the two big songs for the demo.

I'll write about other people's music later, maybe, and just general night thoughts.

My music. The new song, Stella. I've got to find the time to work on the lyric. I want it to be poetic, romantic.

And magical.

Like Picasso. Art shamanism. If you know what I mean.

Never mind. It's personal.

Some of you may remember the days when I was trying to stop writing about personal stuff. Ha!

I've never had any control. Well, a bit of control. I mean, I edit stuff. But I've got no control over the subject matter.

Okay. See you in a few hours.