Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Music, motivation, anything but finance

You dig? That's the way I'm feeling these days, dear reader(s). 'You've done enough, boss. Twelve years, sha/man and boy.' Yeah, yeah, I know, Voice. Thank you.

Okay, okay. Low is David Bowie's best album. It's his most serious album. It had a big influence on the music that followed. But Station to Station - second best - is my favourite album of his. Hunky Dory is his third best. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is his fourth best. Just saying, like. Scary Monsters, fifth. Aladdin Sane, sixth. Diamond Dogs, seventh. Heroes, eighth. 1971 to 1980. If an artist recorded just two of those albums today, the critics would be ranting and raving, calling him or her a god, or gods - if a new band. Lodger, ninth. Young Americans, tenth.

If I could record five albums in my whole career(?) ... I would be happy. As long as each album was a Citizen Kane. As I've said before, no one has recorded an album that dominates like that. / I need my Stella song. I want it! I still have no ideas for the lyric beyond the title. I was playing the music for it last night. I realized that the bit of melody that came to me during my blackout dictated the direction of the rest of the music. It was a gift, man. And maybe that's my superpower. If you read or listen to the Vance/Musk book, you'll find that Elon has a couple of superpowers. He has a photographic memory. He can remember everything he's ever read. He can also manipulate engineering images in his mind. I wouldn't mind the memory. Mine isn't too good. But everybody is different. I have the superpower I need for my field.

Listen! You can motivate yourself as much as you like, kook(s), but having a superpower will give you a massive advantage. I don't know if everyone has one. God, or the Cosmos, is very generous. Maybe most people never discover what their superpower is. Who knows?!


Anyway, it's a lovely day today. Summer has finally arrived! Which means we're all going to die ... because how can this not be climate change? It's February, for Christ's sake!

Okay, okay. Later(s), crocodile(s)!