Thursday, 8 November 2007

Cenkos bid for Close Brothers

Cenkos wants to buy the investment bank Close Brothers for £1.1 billion. This bid has been described as 'cheeky' by the Daily Mail because Cenkos is a tenth of the size of Close Brothers.

Cheeky? I'll tell you what cheeky is. Cheeky is Keith Busby thinking I will sell my copy of Magnus's Book of Money Curses to him for £1500. Is this man out of his mind? I'm sorry, but is this man out of his mind? He reckons he didn't realize until yesterday (see my post on George Soros) that I had a copy - even though I have quoted from the book on a couple of occasions in this blog. £1500! The book must be priceless. There are only three copies in existence. Keith is taking the piss.