Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Credit card fees are going up

A lot of people believe the devil invented credit cards. A lot of people believe anything. I'm not sure what I believe. I think there is a fair chance the devil is behind the recent increases in cash withdrawal fees for credit cards, but I have no solid proof. Most analysts believe it is down to the credit crunch. They are being too negative as far as I am concerned. They enjoy predicting financial meltdown. Not everything can be blamed on the credit crunch. Some things have to be blamed on the devil.

Susan Flint from Bad Moon Investments says, 'I was recently accused of being a money witch in league with the devil. I wish people would stop blaming him for everything. Of course, I have no connection to him. Credit cards are not connected to him. I'm not convinced that the devil is even remotely interested in banking and finance.'

Jennifer Beckett from Soul Watchers says, 'I don't know what Susan has been smoking. The devil is clearly involved in banking and finance. I have masses of files on him, witness statements, the lot. This should not be swept under the carpet.'

Dear reader, I guess you will have to make your own mind up.