Wednesday, 7 November 2007

George Soros: US economic correction

Why are so many financial gurus from the straight world coming out of the woodwork and predicting economic disaster? It's getting boring. George Soros reckons America's economy will have to face a correction soon - mainly because America has borrowed too much money. Alan Greenspan is also sticking his oar in.

I'm going to make a correction soon and put a curse on all these doomsayers. I possess one of the three copies in existence of Magnus's Book of Money Curses. I WILL USE THIS BOOK IF I HAVE TO.

Why can't Soros and Greenspan and Uncle Tom Cobley be more optimistic, like me. I suppose they don't have my insight. They certainly don't have strong links with the spirit world. They can't predict the future. This is where financial shamans come into their own. It's my business to KNOW, not guess, what the future holds. I now have regular contact with Big Herb and a little contact with Ganesh. Neither of these gods predicts financial disaster in the near or long-term future. Let's show them a bit of respect. Let's take their word for it.