Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Michael Spencer is rolling in money

The chief executive of Icap, Michael Spencer, unveiled massive profits yesterday. Icap has seen a 36 per cent rise in profits - £141.1 million from sales of £626.2 million. This is what you get when you act as a middle man between banks, apparently.

I take my hat off to Michael Spencer - the richest man in the City. But will he ever become the richest man in heaven? I presume, dear reader, you're familiar with all that camel and eye of the needle nonsense. You may even believe it. Well, I'm afraid it is nonsense. God loves rich people. Just ask Big Herb. Actually, you won't be able to ask him - unless you're a financial shaman of my standing. But I have asked him, and he told me that money goes a long way in heaven. He says that unless you can afford to tip the angels you will have a rough time of it. It all sounds a bit Gerard Bent, doesn't it?