Monday, 12 November 2007

Pearl winning the Resolution zombie war

It looks like Pearl is going to win the zombie war. Standard Life has walked away from Resolution - blaming the fall in its share price for the decision not to increase its offer for the zombie firm. What does this mean for the zombies?

Dougie Smith says, 'I'm worried, very worried. I know at least two zombies at Resolution who have had a nervous breakdown because of all this. Zombies need stability - everyone knows that. I want to see Pearl come in now and reassure the members of the Finsbury Square Zombie Club that there will be no exterminations. Hugh Osmond should tell us how much he loves and respects zombies. I'm sure he does, otherwise why would he go through all the trouble of trying to get Resolution?'

Well, it's obvious that Dougie's main concern is the welfare of the zombies, but business is business. If Mr Osmond decides to exterminate some of these creatures, should we be concerned? I don't know. I'm really not sure about this. Some people have said I dislike zombies because of what happened with Maurice Marble III. That's not true. Don't listen to the rumours. Maurice is not a zombie, and we are on good terms now. That incident with the meat cleaver got blown out of all proportion.