Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Oil at $97 a barrel

US oil prices are getting close to $100 a barrel. This is due to the weak American dollar, the credit crunch, and fears of insufficient oil supplies for the winter season.

My main concern is the rising cost of mystical oils. As regular readers will know, I get through a hell of a lot of fortune oil. Quite a few depressed bankers and traders have been coming to me, desperate for me to smear the oil all over their face with the intention of opening up the third eye. A small pot of fortune oil used to set me back £30. Now it is more like £45 or even £50. I'll probably buy in bulk from now on. I would love to get barrels of the stuff, but I don't think my supplier would be able to manage it. Anyway, this is my problem, not yours. Don't worry about it.