Monday, 12 November 2007

Robert Rubin: new Citigroup CEO will be free to decide on strategy

The new chairman of Citigroup, Robert Rubin, has been talking about the bank's next CEO and saying that he (I presume it will be a man) will have the freedom to decide what changes to make. This could include splitting the group up.

Susan Flint from Bad Moon Investments says, 'I would like to see a woman take over, preferably a money mystic. Women are more in touch with nature, and the new CEO of Citigroup may have to enlist the help of nature spirits to ensure that the bank keeps its position as the world's biggest bank.'

I can see where Susan is coming from on this one, but I believe a powerful, male financial shaman will have to take over. At this stage there is no other option, not with the markets the way they are. I was told the other day - by someone at Reuters - that they might approach me. Well, I would not be able to take the job due to my other commitments. Besides, I want to remain independent. I think people will have more respect for my money king title that way.