Thursday, 12 May 2011

I'm very depressed about RAB Capital

It's all turning to shit. I supported Stephen Couttie through thin and thinner. Then he stabbed me in the back, didn't he? Let me down big time. I've been supporting Charles Kirwan-Taylor since he became chief executive. I thought he was going to turn things around. I feel such a fool. And I'm really depressed now. Don't I have enough problems without worrying about RAB Capital delisting?

Well, I have been speaking to Charlie. I wasn't going to go back to the old style, but I've decided that I should, just once, for old times' sake, so here it is. This is what he said to me earlier this morning: 'Mikey, I don't want you screaming down the phone at me, okay? I know I've fucked up. (Charlie, mate, I ain't got the energy.) You sound really miserable, Mike. (Miserable? Oh yeah, I'm miserable. This is how it is for shamans when it all goes wrong. I believed in RAB Capital, you know?) Yes. I ... I don't know what to say. It's like my aura is black. Like my chakras have stopped whirling. I'm suffering too. (Well, let me tell you, Charlie. Your aura is black. Your chakras have stopped whirling. That's the price you pay. That's the punishment. I did it.) You've turned my aura black?! (Afraid so.) You've stopped my chakras from whirling?! (How else are you going to learn?) But, Mikey, this is absolutely monstrous. I don't deserve this! (Why don't you put in a complaint?) Oh, I will. With Big Herb. (Yeah, good luck. Big Herb is dead. When was the last time you looked at my blog?) Big Herb is dead?! How can a god die? (I cut his throat in the astral night. I'm running things now. Put in a complaint with me. See what happens.) Power has gone to your head! (Well, that's my affair. You just do what you've got to do to get RAB Capital back on track.) Or? (Or that's it for your aura and your chakras. Fucked ... for ... life. You understand me, Charlie?) You're a hard man, Mike. (I've got to be.) So Big Herb is dead. Did things just get better, or did they just get worse? Will life in the ...'

He went into a soliloquy about Big Herb and life and death or something at this point, totally ignoring me, so I put the phone down. I ain't going to listen to that crap. I can do my own soliloquies, if I need them.