Thursday, 26 May 2011

Laurent Dupeyron: other opportunities

You've got to admire Laurent Dupeyron, leaving his fund of hedge funds, Olympia Group, of hedge funds, for other opportunities. He was the chief executive of this fund of funds of fund, after all. So, what 'other opportunities' could there be for a peculiar man like Laurent? Any OPPORTUNITIES would have to be very special, right out of the ordinary, far removed, way off, on the outside of normal reality, to entice a strange man like me. Is Laurent a strange man like me? I wouldn't like to say. [Yes, I would.]

There are so many opportunities. Laurent and I are looking for the sort that will keep us in touch with our bodies on earth. Readers, we all know, one day, each of us will leave this life for 'other' opportunities. Of course, there's no rush. In the meantime, we should make do with journeys in our heads. Mystical capitalism IS: internal, personal, invisible, our secret. It has nothing to do with where we work or how much we earn. Consider all this before making any big decisions. Maybe, dear reader(s), you work at BarCap and would like to work at Goldman; is that possible? Not the move, the DESIRE. Is your desire possible? If it is, you need to make it impossible. Close your eyes. Where are you? Child, you are NOWHERE. Open your eyes. Look at your colleagues, trapped at their desks, stuck in a miserable reality. They are SOMEWHERE and it stinks of DEATH. And not the good kind.