Thursday, 19 May 2011

Investec Asset Management has £59 billion in assets under management

That's a lot of money. And God give me the strength to write this post because I am unbelievably depressed today. I always knew Hendrik du Toit would rise up closer to getting clean. I knew he would learn to walk on water like another Jesus Christ to save everyone's money. As strange as it sounds, pain makes us better, more human.

The last thing I want anywhere near me is humanity. It's all inflows in a challenging market if you are able to stay positive - which is easier said than done. People like Hendrik du Toit are out of the ordinary in that regard. They genuinely walk on the water of a charmed life. I'm lucky if I get the chance to crawl through broken glass.

Is this the mysticism I've been searching for, a harder mysticism? Yes. I'm on the edge now without voices or ghosts. My mind is a sledgehammer, and reality will crack - eventually. Oh, let's hope there's a big prize. I'll share it with my children. Hendrik du Toit will give away all the assets under management for a little taste? [No, never.]

He's so close to getting clean. But he's not clean. I'll be the first one to make it. It's my detachment. I'm not a demon hungry for everlasting money that can only be ashes. 'Burn it and forget it.' That's my motto. Hendrik du Toit wants to manage money to the highest possible standard. He'll wear himself out. He'll end up drowning.

This could be pet food. It doesn't have to be money. The magic is in the words. When you're in deep enough the subject is of no importance. I chose 'money' because that's what everyone wants. It's the power. It's the glamour. It's the sheer insanity. One day your mind will follow my mind. We'll go from 'money' to ... the big prize.