Thursday, 19 May 2011

There's nothing to write about

Not yet there isn't. Maybe there'll be something to write about later on. But not yet. Maybe I'll convince myself. I can tell you that Kenneth Leung has joined Citigroup. Is that anything to write about? Not really. I can tell you that Jonathan Krieger has joined Berkery Noyes. Are you happy now?

You're like me. You're never going to be happy. You're never going to be satisfied. Truth is, it's just names, words, these people, moving around, from one firm to another. And even after the move, they're not satisfied, themselves. They still want more money, more status, more everything.

There's nothing to write about. If only more writers understood that.

I'll tell you what the secret is. You can't be an entertainer. You can't please anyone. Alienating your readers is key. That's on the highest level, of course. It's not something I stick to. I don't have the discipline. I'm hoping one day I will. I think I'm going to need the money first. Let the money come unto me. Then I'll get serious.

I was reading some advice from Jeffrey Archer the other day on how to become a writer. That man has sold more copies of his novels than Samuel Beckett has of his. Think about that for a moment.