Tuesday, 3 May 2011

That Jamie Augustine has been named by Raymond James as the head of its fixed income department

Not that I care. My mood hasn't improved since this morning. I had a couple of cheese and pickle rolls for lunch. However, no change in my ... state. I still feel terrible. But I'm not going out for a walk in the cool sunshine the way a loser would. I'm going to stay in my room and deal with this Jamie Augustine kid. I want to know why Raymond James Financial/Associates wants this boy to do a man's job as head of its fixed income department, starting in October of this year, the one we're struggling with at the moment. And someone please tell me who Van Sayler is! Haven't I got enough problems?

Is there such a thing as a life well planned? They have a unique culture of independence at Raymond James. They have the freedom to meticulously tailor a long-term plan based solely on the financial well-being of each client and their specific goals. I could weep. Is this what Jamie has got himself mixed up in? I'm starting to feel sorry for the poor lad. Why did he allow it to happen? Why did he let them name him as the head of the fixed income department? I no longer want to know why the Raymond James crew named Jamie Augustine. I'm starting to see their game. I want to know why Jamie allowed himself to get sucked in like this.

And I know I won't get any sleep tonight worrying about the Van Sayler one. He sounds like a real nasty piece of work. Where do they find these people? Surely they can't imagine that our Jamie will be anything like him?

Our Jamie? It's amazing how close you get to people, just thinking about them, and writing about them. But we'll have to leave it here because I'm pissed off.