Friday, 13 May 2011

The terrors of God do NOT set themselves in array against me

I would know if they did. I would have nightmares, like the ones of the sweaty nights years ago. Instead, I have lovely dreams. She came to me again last night. It's the only chance I get to be with her.

God has plans for me. I must listen. My astrologer once told me that he could hear voices in the early morning, his family in Calcutta.

Before the chaos, a thought-form gave me a book of pictures of the future and asked me if I was happy. I said I was, and I was.

It's nice to see the future just as easily as you can remember the past. I am waiting for the moments and watching for the signs.

I'll give the demons a wide berth from now on. Their voices are insignificant. Their words do not fly. Their works are pathetic. My godless enemies!

I am awake. There is blood in me, and on me. There is fire in me, and on me. Beware of the holy warrior. Against my soul there is no protection.

Flesh is weak. I am not a stone. This has to be accepted. It's no use crying. Bodies come and go. I'll be leaving my reality behind. The main thing.

Spring, and summer, and autumn, and winter. I may even return. But there can be no promises. I don't need any. I am a feather, and God is the wind.