Thursday, 1 September 2011

Don't go to strangers

I once told you / you / you / would become strangers to those who knew you. 'You shall become strangers to those who know you.' And I was right! My children, you have become strangers to those who knew you. They don't know you now. Let's face it, they are the true strangers, anyway, always were: stranger than anything. Strangers to wisdom, to capitalism, to decency. Diabolical strangers to us!

With our pain we are moving through this hell, altering states of consciousness for the better, lifting the low ones high - out of the goodness of our hearts. We don't expect any thanks. We don't expect medals even though we are the bravest soldiers in a war against corruption and stupidity. I was chosen by Nature! And then I chose you. You were rather flattered. You thought it would be a good idea to follow me. To begin with, I put the blood on you. Children, I gave you the flames of my fire. Time passed as I filled your minds with vibrating words. You were so grateful. And today? We are friends. We are lovers. Through this hell there is a way to ... who knows?

Let's not worry too much about where we are going. We should take comfort from the fact we're not with the strangers.

Stay with me. I get lonely when you go. Stay right here. You'll only be deceived in those other regions. Strangers couldn't be straight with you if their lives depended on it. Their whole philosophy is crooked. They even believe their own lies. They love hell. That's how lost they are. So don't go to them. If I were the last sha/man on earth ... the last sha/man? No, but it feels like it ... if I were ...


It is hard to live with reality. It either drives you insane or turns you into a liar. It gives you fragments and broken lines, when what you want (and need) is the purity of godlike expression. In the depths of obscurity there is hell. In the rarefied air of clarity there is something akin to heaven. The truth has to be clear. Opinions only confuse. Salvation is outside reality.

There is no truth where we are. No way for us to be saved. But I feel positive, for a change, and I seem to be holding myself together: a paragraph or two of genuine control. However, I know it will not last. I am being crushed by life.