Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Paul Marriage is optimistic about small caps and there is nothing we can do

We'll just have to let him get away with it, this optimism.

I suppose someone is always optimistic about something. It's the human condition, isn't it? We can't all be pessimists. And I was optimistic, once, you know; before I had a look around the desolate market where none (usually) come to buy and foolishly bought myself a bit of wisdom. So I'll never be optimistic again. I've learnt my lesson. But it doesn't matter where you go in the world, you'll always bump into a grinning halfwit who's looking for a pot of gold with his name on it, normally at the end of a ludicrous rainbow. It's an absolute nuisance. The only thing to do is to ignore such people.

However, I may as well tell you about Paul Marriage. (It's a matter of honour now that I see this post through to the bitter end.) Exactly what is his problem? Well, for starters, Mr Marriage is the manager of the Cazenove UK Smaller Companies fund. That should set alarm bells ringing. Of course he's going to be optimistic about small caps! That's his job. And for finishers (finishers, already?), there's the fact that Mr Marriage has plenty of cash to invest from his £77 million portfolio. Oh, well, enough written. Wouldn't you be optimistic if you had plenty of cash to invest from your £77 million portfolio? I know I wouldn't.


'I know I wouldn't.' And that was the bitter end - except for this, whatever this is.

I have no idea what this is. More words. It's because I don't want to leave you. I know you're just as lonely as I am. So there's more. Until it sickens me and I have to leave.

It sickens me. Yes, it sickens me. But I'm still here. You go first. Goodbye, my friend.

You can stop reading now. I'm not going to say anything witty or interesting this late in the post. Haven't you got any work to do?

Oh, you're such a fucking optimist!