Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Atwater Capital is closing down

Atwater Capital is/was a hedge fund founded by Lee Pollock and Kris Green. I wonder if they're having a closing down sale. There might be some cheap money on offer. It's unlikely though. Lee and Kris will probably return any money to investors. That's what normally happens in these situations.

It's a sad time, but I think the guys will move on from this and become successful somewhere else. Hedge funds are born and then they die. To every thing there is a season.


Music update

No, nothing happening. Just nothing happening. It's hard to work on two things at once. Duchamp gave up art to concentrate on chess. Maybe I should take a leaf out of his book. Of course, he worked on Given in secret for twenty years. Time well spent, I say, because Given is off the fucking hook as a piece of art. You won't hear any art critics expressing themselves in such a fashion, but it's true! I reckon Damien Hirst would agree with me.