Friday, 3 February 2012

Has GLG's Philip Pearson ever been on Facebook?

Take a look at this absolute nonsense. Absolute nonsense, I say! Mr Philip Pearson manages the GLG Technology Equity fund. Well, this absurd man has got the idea in his head that Facebook is somehow undervalued. He probably imagines that it's worth a trillion dollars. Ha! Oh, let me say it again (with rather less respect): has Phil ever been on Facebook? I've got some loose change in my pocket. I'd be willing to buy Zuckberg's - or whatever his name is - little website for £2.37. That is all it's worth, I'm afraid.

Seriously, what's all the fuss about, really? I was on Facebook for a short while. It was a complete waste of my time and energy. I hardly knew any of my friends. The few friends I did know I didn't actually want to know because they were the worst kind of idiots: the sort of people who enjoy talking about 'last night in the pub' - or their vulgar holiday in Tenerife.

Maybe I have the wrong attitude. I suppose you need to be the friendly type to make the most of Facebook. I'm about as friendly as Vlad the Impaler with a headache.

£2.37? Well, I'll say one thing for Facebook: it's worth more than Friends Reunited.

Update: 'GLG's Philip Pearson, for one, is blown away by its attraction to advertisers.' Ha! It's beyond belief! These people ...