Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Frere Hall Capital Management

Oh, how exciting! There's another new hedge fund. This one is called Frere Hall Capital Management (obviously) and has been founded by Taimur Hassan. It's an energy commodities fund thing, oil and that, I don't know. It hasn't actually launched yet. We'll have to wait until the summer for the real excitement to begin.

I'm wondering though, seriously wondering. Does Taimur Hassan know Gilbert Saiz? Gilbert (Gil, really) was an oil trader at Goldman Sachs, and so was Taimur. Are they friends? This is important because Gil and I are bosom buddies, but he has never mentioned Taimur to me. Is there something going on behind my back? You would think Gil would mention a new hedge fund being set up by a friend.

You can't trust anyone these days. Maybe I'd be better off in my cave, alone. My blanket and the baked beans. The end is coming. Gil and Taimur and their sort will be swept away. I'm not saying that's what I want to happen, but it's inevitable.