Friday, 24 February 2012

We must destroy reality

We'll work for the destruction of reality. I think we're all tired of the things we have to live with: the objects, the sights, the sounds, the smells. We are the oppressed workers, and it's time for a revolution. We must destroy reality. I'm convinced we'll be successful. We have the commitment. Yes! We're committed because the destruction of reality is something worth working for.

Do you remember that I once said: slavery is not our destiny - ? Well, I still believe it. A lot of time has passed, but I haven't changed my attitude. (Have you changed yours?) I honestly believe we could become free gods in nothingness if we really wanted to. It is a matter of strength and desire. Negativity is the only thing holding us back. Oh, we know what we want. But are we strong enough? We must push ahead! We'll do away with objects. And there'll be no sights, no sounds, no smells. And the muck in our minds? It will go. Believe me, readers, children, we'll get rid of it.

We cannot be like all the others. They are utterly deluded. And they are sick. We must refuse to be a part of their world. These fools arrogantly presume we're happy to face the horrors of their world. (Horrors that they in their foolishness regard as delights.) But we are different. We'll never be satisfied with life as dirty pigs in the pigsty of reality. We are getting ourselves cleaned up. We are heading for freedom!