Thursday, 15 March 2012

Carl Huttenlocher has raised $900 million already!

This is what I'm talking about! This Carl Huttenlocher, he's a freakin' genius or something. It's all for his Myriad Asset Management. Of course, he couldn't have done it without me.

Carl actually phoned me last night: 'Mikey, have you heard the news? ($900 million?) Yeah. (Carl, that is pretty impressive, I must say.) Man, I couldn't have done it without you. (Oh, come on!) No, I'm serious. You gave me the confidence to be the sha ... man I wanted to be. (Well, very few people have ever become a financial shaman as quickly as you have. You're probably a natural.) It's a different world now. I see things that I never saw before. (Like spirits?) Yeah. (And that doesn't bother you, does it?) Mike, I'll tell you the truth: I'm having the time of my life. How come more financiers don't know about this shit? (Carl, I've been writing about it for years. No one wants to listen though.) I suppose if everyone knew, they would be raising money like me, wouldn't they? (Exactly.) I'll have billions soon!'

Billions? I reckon he will, you know. The guy's got a positive attitude, and he knows the value of burning love.