Friday, 30 March 2012

Nowhere is where we're gonna be

I say, Nowhere. I say, Nowhere. It's where we're gonna be. If it all goes well, if we can just get lost in our heads. And the idiots who think they know all about money won't be able to find us. When they think they see us flying naked through the sky, they won't know what's going on. (With their arrogance, they'll think they know.) They'll point and say: 'Oh my God! Idiots in the sky! How amusing!' But we won't be there! We won't be anywhere! We'll be gone! And they won't understand, and they won't really see anything at all, because these cold bastards are about as dead as it gets, with dead eyes. That's the truth! I'm not going to sugar-coat it. With their fake concern, their rotten jokes, their wretched humanity completely inhuman filthy scum won't be able to touch us ...

I say, Nowhere. I say, Nowhere. I think it's gonna be confusing for the ones left behind. What'll we be able to do for them? (Oh, we don't care, do we?) Not a lot, I mean, nothing. They'll be so jealous. Thinking of us, wailing, gnashing their teeth. And we'll be gone! Existing, how? We could be little Napoleons in the snow. (If we get the dreams.) We could be space monkeys on the moon. (If we get the balls.) There'll be no limits once we've left reality behind. Child(ren), it'll be Nowhere, Nowhere for us, Nowhere is where we're gonna be, and we are going to be, be, be, so happy, when we get there. You better believe me. (Be, be, be, be-bop-a-lula.) I always tell the truth. It'll be a gas! We're going to roll through decades and centuries, way out of their time. They won't be able to touch us. We'll be clean away. Their dirty fingers, their dirty minds ...

I say, Nowhere. I say, Nowhere. I say, Nowhere. And now I'm crazy, a crazy bee, buzzing, writing this. I've lost my grip on meaning, which is just ... what we needed? Yes! Yes! Yes! We needed, we needed, we needed, to get free. Can't you just be? That's for them, not for us, because we are ... just free!


Right, that's enough of that. You won't believe how many hours I put into it. I haven't been able to concentrate all day/yesterday. / Some good news: I've finished the lyrics for my second "new" song. This means I have two whole songs now, and the music for one other song. (Just need the lyrics for it.) / Well, the new song is ... strange. That's all I'll say at the moment. I made a (very) rough recording of it earlier, but my guitar strings are in a terrible state. I'm waiting for some strings to come through the post. When I get them, I'll record again. / I still need a killer song, I think. I know. This Sunday, I'll work on the other lyrics. I might have to write another tune or two. / I want to be ready by the beginning of May. / I need to improve my guitar playing. / I wish I had a piano, or a keyboard of some kind.

Update (Sunday, 4.15pm)

My guitar playing isn't good enough. I can't afford to hire musicians like the old days, so I've got to improve. / I said my latest song is strange. It isn't. That was just my first reaction because it didn't turn out the way I was expecting: it turned out better, the way I've been dreaming of, really. It's worthy of Bacharach/David, Lennon/McCartney, Paul Simon, anyone. It's far superior to Gilly Marie, so there's no way I can allow that song on the demo now. I need to do a lot more work. Well, I knew this wasn't going to be easy. / My guitar playing is really shit though.


Not everything here is meant to be read. And when we get to Nowhere, we might not want to read anyway. Do you know that there are billions of earth-like planets in the Milky Way?