Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Gary Shaughnessy is leaving Fidelity

Or maybe he has already left. I feel sad. It's a real shame about Gary Shaughnessy. I never knew him. And now that he's gone or going, I'll never know him. Unless he turns up somewhere like Zurich. But what are the chances of that happening?

It's tragic. This Gary guy had over twenty years experience in the financial services industry in roles spanning the general insurance, life and pensions, personal finance and investment marketplace. (Oh, it seems such a long time ago.) And his responsibilities? You won't believe me, but I'll tell you. His responsibilities included distribution across wholesale, banking, IFA and direct channels as well as Funds Network (what's that?) and defined contribution. All gone to waste. Unless he comes to his senses. And even if he comes to his senses now, will a firm like Zurich want him?

A lot of these men (and a few women), they just get sick of it. They want to find themselves in the desert. That was fine in the old days, but I've closed the desert down. But still they go. The fools think there must be something there. There is nothing there. It's in the cities we must live. And we must work in the financial businesses. Well, you must, work, and hard. (Even the shamans amongst you, all of you[s].) I'm above it, of course. Remember: I am your spiritual leader, not some vulgar trader or analyst or whatever.

I'm going to fix this. / Do you know David Sims at all? David Sims is the chief executive of Zurich Global Life Europe. I'll phone Dave later and see if I can get him to offer Gary a job. We go back years. And he owes me a favour. Let us hope that he will be able to save Gary from himself. Now, am I kind-hearted or what? Who else would put himself out like this for a total stranger in a strange land?