Monday, 12 March 2012

The Otlet Master Fund

Don't worry, dear reader(s), it's only a new hedge fund. So incredibly special situations. I'm sure Douglas Ormond and Michael Schwartz at Otlet Capital Management aren't trying to upset anyone. (And what the fuck is an otlet, anyway? And why would we want an otlet to be our master? I sometimes think these hedgie types aren't a part of the real world. That's why I like them so much.) Oh, such crazy, crazy, crazy guys! I wish them all the luck in the cosmos.


It's really sunny today, outside. And I'm feeling really sunny, inside. Just like Georgie Fame. Or have I got that wrong? Wasn't he singing about someone called Sunny? Who cares?! Life is too short to worry about nonsense. Or is it a song about the sun? I haven't got a fucking clue. Bobby Hebb wrote it. I'm only the messenger. And Georgie is only the singer. Cut us some slack, for Christ's sake!

Well, I've got a song of my own - almost - and I want to finish it. I know what I said yesterday, but please ... I'll be back tomorrow with news of some other goddamn hedge fund. You wait and see.

Update (6.30pm): All right, all right, all right. I know this isn't a music blog. But do I care? No. Some big developments today. ONE, I slowed my second song down a bit. It's not the song I wanted to write. However, it sounds much better now. TWO, I worked out a new way of performing my first song, Gilly Marie. Just a slight variation in rhythm. This song also sounds better now. Then, THREE, I found a note of a chord sequence I wrote months ago. I started playing the chords and this amazing melody came out of nowhere. I was so shocked that I started singing gibberish lyrics to it. Monkey Pie - believe it or not. (Don't worry, I'm not sticking with that title.) So, all in all, one of my most creative days ever. And I'll soon be forty-three! There's always something to look forward to in life.