Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Nicholas Kyprios was playing the guessing game

Now he's playing the crying game. Yes, Nicholas Kyprios, head of European credit sales at Credit Suisse in London, has been fined £210,000 by The Dead Shark That Refuses To Believe In Death. The FSA, that is.


'On 11 November 2009 Kyprios called a fund manager to invite him to the bond issue road show. The fund manager told Kyprios he did not want to be wall crossed. Although Kyprios did not have a pre-meditated intention to disclose the client confidential information, the fund manager asked Kyprios about the bond issue and in response Kyprios engaged in a guessing game, including advising when the fund manager was "getting warmer".' More, than is healthy.

You can't even play games. Jesus! This is what happens when you let a dead shark go on the rampage. We're all to blame. One day, we'll free our minds from the horror.

As for Mr Kyprios playing the crying game - outside of work, I presume - that's his personal business. I ain't even seen the film, so ... whatever. We all have our ... desires.