Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Coutts fined £8.75 million by the FSA

The FSA - again?! Well, yes. Of course it's going to be the FSA. That dead shark is the only thing around here biting lumps out of people. We're not surprised. No one is surprised.

What's this all about, for crying out loud?!

'In October 2010, the FSA visited Coutts as part of its thematic review into banks' management of high money-laundering risk situations. Following that visit, the FSA’s investigation identified that Coutts did not apply robust controls when starting relationships with high risk customers and did not consistently apply appropriate monitoring of those high risk relationships. In addition, the FSA determined that the AML team at Coutts failed to provide an appropriate level of scrutiny and challenge.' More, than is healthy.

Jesus Christ! They've got a bank to run! Are they supposed to monitor all the people they do business with?


It's a sunny day, and I'll never make a fresh start, and I don't care. I live in dirt. I live in chaos. This is my destiny as an artist. So be it!

And I'm going to write about music. (Maybe I should start a music blog.) I've decided my demo has got to be outstanding. (Who's interested in very good music?) Outstanding guarantees success. But it means more work, obviously. Gilly Marie will have to be left off the demo. And I'm stalled on the lyrics again. I have a fear I don't have when I'm writing my blog. (Maybe it's because a great song has more monetary value than a great blog post.) I'll work it out, don't worry. I mean, I know you're worried.