Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ardon Maroon Fund Management - for the love of all that is holy, what's this?!

You wouldn't believe me if I told you. You would just chuckle, and say to yourself: 'That goddamn Mikey, he's making shit up again. He's incorrigible!' Well, actually, of course you would believe me because there's nothing amazing about it, I mean, the fund. It's just one of those things, or one of these. Happens all the time in the cold reality of the world. We shouldn't complain about it. And when you think about it, people like Frank Dominick and Charles Woo are making the world a far more interesting place. These are the kind of visionaries we need. Men who go out on a limb! Adventurers! Masters of reality afraid of nothing! (I almost wrote warriors of astral night, but those days are over.) NOTHING!!! / 'So, there is something amazing about it then, Mikey?' No, I'm afraid not. It's just a name change, that's all. They are calling the firm Ardon Maroon to honour some other fund that provided seed capital or something. Pulse Capital Partners was supposed to be putting the money up, but ... well, you know how it is or can be sometimes. 'So, pretty boring then.' Well, I wouldn't quite put it like that, Voice. 'Yeah, but you were saying adventurers, and masters of reality, and -' Listen, son, what do you want from me? I have to work with the material that is available. Don't shoot the messenger!


Roll on lunchtime! I'm bloody starving! I only had a few HobNobs for breakfast, with my cup of tea. / I'm going to Mayfair today for lunch, with a top hedge fund boss. He knows I'll be in his pocket if he buys me lunch. That's why I'm staying at home and having a cheese sandwich instead. Ha! Oh, you can't believe a word I say, can you? / 'You're going to upset people, Mikey.' It's satire, Voice. People love satire, or so they keep telling me.

After my cheese sandwich, I'm going to be working on a conceptual, No. 61. / I've got a big one planned for the Christmas period. There will be three sections all spinning a-ROUND. I want to let it gestate for a couple of months first.

They've put red onion in the sandwich, you know. I can't wait!