Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Polar Capital might launch the Japan Alpha fund for Gerard Cawley, might not

It all depends, really. I might kick up a stink. I might say: 'Launch it for me! Not for that bastard!' Well, he's not a bastard. I hardly know Gerard. But in the heat of the moment you say crazy stuff like that, don't you?

'Mikey, Mr Cawley is co-manager of the Polar Capital Japan fund with specific research responsibility for the technology sector and is based in the London office.' Thank you, Voice. You're almost like an intern, ain't ya? 'Yeah, man.' / Now, this isn't fair. Gerard is already managing one fund. Does he need another? 'Only co-manager, Mikey.' Yes, I suppose.

I'll have to discuss it with Polar. I might approve, I might not. 'Give him a chance, boss. Cawley needs this fund - badly.' What do you know about it, Voice? 'I have some insight into his character.' Yeah, yeah. I've heard it all before. You and your insights. 'That was the other voice, the mystic child.' Who are you, then? 'I wish I knew.' / Ha! And I thought I could kill all the voices.