Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Thomas Steyer is retiring from Farallon

Yes, sad news. Very sad news. Thomas "Tom" Steyer is retiring from Farallon. 'Farallon, Mikey?' Yes, Farallon, Voice. Farallon Capital Management, where that Bob Ceremsak hangs out. 'Oh, Farallon. Yeah, I get you. So who's this Tom character?' Are you kidding me?! He's the founder! 'And I should care, why?' It's like that, is it? I thought you were interested in all the latest financial news. 'Mikey, you're not fooling anyone. Why don't you go and play your guitar?' No! No! No, Voice. I've started this post, I'm going to finish it. 'Well, it's your funeral.'

Strange. / It's not like the voice to be so negative about exciting developments in the world of finance. Actually, sad, today. A sad development. Another veteran has had enough. There'll be no one left soon, except a bunch of young, clueless punks. It's the way things are going. Maybe I should concentrate on my guitar. / Farallon has $20 billion in assets under management. A nice sum. I wonder how Bob is getting on.

Er, well ... No. 64 later. / Laters.